Ameto reaches general availability

Michael Seifert, 2018-09-03

After significant development effort and extensive user testing, we are proud to announce that Ameto is available to the public. The following features are waiting for you at launch:

  • Uploaded files are archived securely on servers located in the EU (Germany).
  • Every operation in Ameto is non-destructive. You can retrieve your original master copies at any time.
  • Define a processing pipeline once and optimize thousands of images for a specific end device.
  • Integrate Ameto into your software in just 5 lines of code via Ameto's client library for Java.11 Check out our developer documentation to learn more
  • Fair pricing model. No tiered subscription. You only pay to the extent that you use the service.

Head over to the registration page and create an account to try out Ameto for free.