Ameto automates image processing. It allows you to optimize media content for arbitrary end devices, improving user experience and saving operational costs.

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Multimedia files being distributed to different display devices

Publish content across devices

  • Deliver content optimized for specific devices
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption
  • Faster loading times
  • Enhanced user experience
Flow diagram consisting of three boxes connected by a central diamond

Build customized workflows

  • Create individual content processing pipelines
  • Integrate Ameto with only 5 lines of code
Massive document safe

Non-destructive processing

  • Your original content will be archived and never modified
  • Stop worrying about backups of your master copies

Data protection

We take your right of ownership and the security of your data seriously. Many companies can be forced to give away your data too easily, because they are bound to obey their respective national laws. Therefore, we store your digital master copies exclusively in Europe, where interferences through governmental organisations are less likely.

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